Hidden Undercover

Hidden Undercover is a sustainable streetwear brand that strives to unite artistic talent to build a unique clothing collection. By working together with different designers, we believe at Hidden Undercover that we can form a platform where (as yet unknown) creativity from Amsterdam and far beyond will be represented.

This is what characterizes our concept; high-quality clothing with designs made by, often unknown, creative talent. If the garment requires 2 designs, for example T-Shirts, then a relationship will be established between the two. Simple example: Front: Airplane; Back: Holiday destination. By collaborating with different designers, each item of clothing will have its own unique identity with a hint of Hidden Undercover.

Hidden Undercover stands for quality. Our T-Shirts are produced with 100% organic ring-spun cotton. Due to the use of high-quality cotton and this special way of spinning, the quality of the clothing is higher and the wearing comfort better.

We believe that companies should take their responsibility for corporate social responsibility. That is why we at Hidden Undercover do our best to deliver quality products with a low environmental impact to our customers. We do this by, for example, choosing a supplier who supplies us with products with the following certificates:  


About us:

Hidden Undercover was founded by;

Tonne (left) and Floris (right). We are two guys who met in the first year of college. Although Tonne dropped out shortly after the start of the training, this did not mean that our friendship suffered. In the years that followed, our friendship only grew stronger, partly thanks to joint holidays, parties and laughter.

Despite our differences, there have always been elements in which we can always find each other. A good example of this is clothing, we both believe that clothing is an important way to express yourself and that a good outfit can increase your self-confidence. When we came to the conclusion that the established brands were just not for both of us, we made a decision. Starting your own streetwear brand. Quality first, working with passionate and talented designers and listening to customer feedback. Constantly looking for improvements in the field of clothing and the customer experience. All this, while at the same time trying to provide a platform for unknown talent, is our vision.

Welcome to Hidden Undercover.